November 14, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 43  

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Break-dancing with Moneen

By Myles DeRosse
Gazette Staff

The Gazette recently caught up with punk-rock group Moneen and subjected them to a few of our brilliant questions.

In one sentence, how would you describe Moneen’s sound?
Catchy, fun, angry, terrible, melodic, really ugly, especially smelly and awww shit.

You guys are known for an energetic live show. What would you say is the goal of Moneen’s live show?
To try and make it through in one piece. Just to survive to the end. [laughs]

What is your favourite thing about touring?
The easiest answer would be getting to play every night. But I would say sitting in the van wanting to kill myself for 10 hours straight. Yeah, that’s probably my favourite part.

Having played shows with a number of Ontario-based bands, who are your faves?
Alexisonfire is blowing up and making everyone else look bad. There is a band from Brampton called Fallen Year that we love. And one other Canadian band that is rockin’ like Dokken is The End.

So what CDs are you listening to on the bus while touring?
Well, in the bus, being our van, we have been listening to the new Death Cab for Cutie, The Bends [Radiohead] and the new Clark record.

If you could play with any three bands, past or present, for a one night dream concert, who would fill out the bill?
Refused — we gotta bring them back. Also, Radiohead and Failure.

In all your travels, what band were you most excited to play with?

It was Jimmy Eat World. That was the most mind-blowing for me at least. But for the hippie [in our band], we got to go on the Eric’s Trip reunion tour, and that is his favorite band.

What do you focus on when not concentrating on music?

Sleep. If we are not rocking, we are sleeping.

Is there any trend you would like to see disappear?

Our genre of music. It’s gonna die. People should get burnt out of loud singing and screaming. It’s too bad, ‘cause then what would we do?

Is there any trend you would like to see appear?

There should be more break-dancing in punk. People just don’t drop down on sheets of cardboard and start doing backspins enough.

One last question: in your opinion, what is the best city to play rock ’n’ roll in?

In Canada it’s gotta be, circa ’99, Brampton, ON. Other than that, anywhere that has an ocean that I can go running though naked is the place to be.

Moneen play the Kool Haus in Toronto on Nov. 18. Their latest album is Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?



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