November 14, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 43  

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To the Editor:

Homer would be glad to know that the epic tradition of the catalogue still survives in the 21st century in the genre of music known as rap. Except instead of cataloging ships and epic battles, rappers recount their possessions from Bentleys to bitches. That means devotees of rap music share something in common with an insurance salesman: they both listen to a homeowner?s inventory. A long list has the same significance a Hummer has for a short man. It follows the bigger the list? the bigger the SUV limo?

50 Cent represents the greatest paradox of the rap industry. While rappers define themselves by what they own, they also pride themselves on being ?motherf@#$ing P-I-M-P-S.? Let?s face it, I?m sure Beyonce can get a dollar out of Jay-Z. R Kelly apparently forgot to inform 50 Cent what the ladies want and yes, it?s more than a toonie. What women want is romance and nothing says sexy like making women and cars analogous. I know what I want is for a man to tell me to stick his key in my ignition. R. Kelly?s attempt at metaphor is as contrived as a Louis Vuitton bag and a track suit.

P.S.: Someone tell 50 Cent that prison chic is so pass?.

Julie Meehan
Honours English IV

Soph woes

Re: "Rez ban indicative of soph-Housing relationship?" Nov. 7, 2003

To the Editor:

Being a faculty soph for three years has given me extensive experience at dealing with Housing. It is clear Western has reached a breaking point with its off-campus soph program. Every year, soph numbers are reduced by housing and their responsibilities cut back. Faculty sophs have it especially hard, as they feel Housing does not even want them.

Once sophs feel alienated by Housing, it becomes impossible for the two groups to work together. With this latest action of banning a soph from residence on questionable grounds, Housing is already setting the tone for next year. People being drunk and loud is a weekly occurrence in residence. That doesn't make those people a security threat.

Housing is punishing Graham because he is a soph and it is farcical to believe otherwise. We should be working together towards giving the frosh a complete support program and not furthering our adversarial relationship by "making an example" out of someone.

Over the last three years I've watched the soph program go on a downward slide and if nothing is done within five years, I believe there will be no O-Week. Managers and staff need to come out from behind that desk and talk with sophs to resolve these issues before it's too late. Until Housing recognizes the positive influence sophs have, the issue of deteriorating relations will never be resolved

Ian Peebles



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