November 14, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 43  

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The Zoo to CBC: Scott Russell's quest

Scott Russell survived.

He survived a harsh rebuke from Professor Ross Woodman, his first-year English teacher at Western, who proclaimed, "Mr. Russell, you cannot write."

Program for Int'l student jobs

Not only do international students have to pay higher tuition, they also face the challenge of being unable to seek employment off-campus.

Queerline behind schedule, expected to meet goals

The support line for queer youth operated by the University Students' Council has missed its self-imposed deadline for branching out into the London community, with the service currently only advertised to students on campus.

Hilton sex tapes and crazy Mclawsuits

Duh-dada-da, presenting "News for Dummies", The Gazette's new, now multi-tasking gizmo, which will continue to provide you with news from the outside world (despite the lack of relevant news). This week's "Dummies" provides a sweeping look at the week's most amusing, although probably not the most informative, happenings around the world.

USC and admin bowl to death

Lured by an open bar, sheer pin-knocking glory and the unquenchable thirst to crush each other in a daring bowling battle, members of the University Students' Council and Western's administration faced each other in what many considered a bowling duel to the death.

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> AIDS awareness week
> Freezing their buns off
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