November 18, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 44  

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Super Orgy Porno Party!

By Lori Mastronardi
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
GOTTA LOVE HOW THE PLANET SMASHERS BLOW THEIR HORNS. The Smashers hit Call The Office for an intimate show tonight.

Many students attend university with terrified expressions on their faces, which are eventually glazed over by starry-eyed looks of idealism. Students adopt the popular notion they may actually be able to find a job they'll enjoy for the rest of their lives, rather than merely going through the same tired motions of an otherwise bleak future.

Well, rest assured, sometimes that clichéd dream actually morphs into reality. Some people find what they're looking for - something specifically catered to suit their own interests.

Matt Collyer, vocalist and guitarist of the Planet Smashers, is one of those people. No, he's not disgustingly rich, and no, he's not particularly famous. But he is happy. He's committed to a career he loves, having been the frontman of the Planet Smashers for nearly 10 years.

"The novelty and the excitement of not sleeping the night before you leave on tour, you're pretty used to it now," Matt says. "But I still enjoy it. I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't fun. And that's the whole point of being in this band - it's just a good time."

The Planet Smashers do what they want. They unashamedly write songs about girls that are, "so hot/so goddamn hot" and prefer performing for intimate groups rather than massive audiences.

"That's not the point of this band. If we wanted to be bona fide pop stars, I don't think we'd be playing ska. We're pretty happy with the path we've etched out for ourselves," Collyer shares.

Having recently recorded their video for "Like Your Girl," in both French and English versions, the Planet Smashers are clearly open to new experiences. The song was originally intended to be a French track, simply due to the charming, lyrical sound of "J'aime ta femme."

"It wasn't that easy; I mean, I'm not that great at French. Our trombone player is Francophone so he helped me out; he coached me. It was totally fun. He translated the lyrics, and then when we did the video in French it was actually better."

The Planet Smashers frequently pursue different avenues to attract interest and to ensure the survival of the band. They reinvent themselves and play for a mix of crowds.

"But as far as commercial radio and commercial viability goes... it's really a sub-culture music. We're probably doing better than any other major Canadian band [on a major label] nine years ago - nine years into our career we're still chugging along."

Perhaps the reason their sound hasn't latched onto mainstream airwaves is due to the predominately strange, yet hilarious, nature of their lyrics.

"I don't think preaching to people is going to change anyone's mind... it's pretty simple stuff. I mean, the fun stuff is obviously fun, you know like PARTY WOOOO... the cynical stuff is mainly just personal things that are affecting our lives, you know the trends of society, stuff like that."

One particularly interesting track begins with the sound of a doorbell, signaling the arrival of the "pizza girl." The song, entitled "Super Orgy Porno Party," spawned from the original bass player's interest in developing a techno band of such a name. When the idea didn't materialize, Matt jumped on the opportunity to create a track.

Though most people may feel uncomfortable uttering those four words around their parents, Collyer assures his mother is perfectly fine with the song. "She doesn't care; she thinks I'm a joker."

As for personalizing his very own list of invites to such a party, Matt is slightly taken aback, but provides somewhat of an indication.

"Woah! Hey! Woah, hey you! Uh, yikes. Not my mom! I have no idea. A lot of hot girls, how's that? No guys - they don't need to be there. It's alright if you're into that (laughs)."

If you want some inspiration for your own super orgy porno party, check out The Planet Smashers tonight at Call The Office.



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