November 18, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 44  

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Sexpert offers a few tips for the tip

By Head Sexpert
Gazette Writer

Gazette file photos
YEAH, MONICA SURE LIKES HER KETCHUP. Ms. Lewinsky opens wide to receive some sweet, creamy... ketchup-y goodness.

This week, we brought in a special source to provide a few how-to hints on fellatio.

1. Saliva is key, the more the merrier. Spit can make a wonderful lubricant and offers an additional sliding/gliding feature.

2. Do not think a blow job means only using your mouth. Hands are key players and act as an extension of your mouth, providing added friction.

3. Teeth = NO. Same with rings, bracelets, long nails and anything that can catch skin, because any form of tearing during sex is wrong.

4. Pretend the penis is like a pop bottle. Move your mouth like you are trying to open the pop bottle with your lips and tongue, again avoiding teeth. Make a twisting motion on the way down the shaft and then again the opposite way while "heading" back up.

5. Watch your partner's feet - this is key. When things are getting close, the toes usually curl up and twist a bit, so it gives you a warning to avoid any accidental spray.

6. We don't expect you to swallow; however, don't make a big deal about it before even starting the act. When the time comes to expel the boys, we don't care if you stop with your mouth - just don't stop with your hands.

7. Speed is to your advantage. Alternating between slow and sensual movements and fast rhythmic motions allow two things: one, a break for your jaw and mouth and two, an anticipatory period to build up to the bang. Feel free to alternate mouth and hand movements, giving variety and spice to the moment.

8. The testes can be fondled gently with the other hand during the act of "blowing;" however, it's a personal preference as some men have extremely sensitive danglers.

9. The place between the anus and danglers - known as the t'ain't (or as science calls it, the perineum) - if pushed gently with two fingers shortly before the final event it can cause extreme and intensive pleasure.

10. Concentrating on the tip can be both a good and a bad thing. When in doubt, too much can actually cause over-pleasure which turns to pain. Treat it like a lollipop meets a Popsicle/freezie.



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