November 18, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 44  

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Dalhousie to punish odd campus roguery

At Dalhousie University in Halifax, administration is taking matters into its own hands when it comes to rowdy students off campus.

Bank of Canada governor-general wins award, Dodges question

The man who holds the nation’s purse strings visited Western yesterday — sort of.

Scientist creates Homer's tomacco

The popular television series The Simpsons has become well known for many things, but inspiring scientists to experiment with plants was never one of them — until now.

Western frosh avg. 86

Students who are accepted at Western are increasingly those with high averages coming out of high school. The entrance average this year was 86 per cent, compared to 84 per cent last year.

Western link to Syrian torture case

The horrors of Syrian imprisonment that Maher Arar recounted in his press conference Nov. 4 — calling for a public inquiry into his deportation from the United States and subsequent detention — is a story much closer to home.

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