November 19, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 45  

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Inflation sucks

Pretty soon, slaving away at McDonald’s for a measly $6.85 an hour may be a thing of the past — but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be lovin’ it in the long-run.

One of the new Liberal government’s major proposals is to gradually raise the minimum wage to $8 an hour over the next four years; some groups are even hoping to raise it to $10 an hour to bring people off the poverty line.

Certainly this sounds like good news — in Nunavut, the minimum wage is $8.50 an hour — and maybe the poorest of the poor (a.k.a. students) won’t have to stress over whether they can pay tuition, meet rent or afford the sushi at CentreSpot, while already slaving away at homework.

However, a move to increase wages should take other factors into consideration as well. Not only will employees who are currently making $8 an hour demand an increase in their pay, but companies will also be forced to increase their costs for labour and thus compensate by increasing the prices of their products and services. If things become more expensive, will raising the minimum wage actually bring people out of poverty?

In addition, raising the amount of money employers should be paying their workers could put a strain on small businesses most at-risk when required to raise their prices. They already can’t afford to compete with the low, low prices of the big-box superstores.

And for students, the OSAP system will also require tweaking to accommodate the increased pay of its recipients so they don’t end up receiving less money.

Supporters say that the proposed four years it will take to increase the minimum wage is a sufficient timeline, giving everyone enough time to gradually adjust to the new economy. But although those adjustments may be positive in the beginning, they could become meaningless thanks to inflation in just a few years. Paris really sucks

Paris really sucks

The phrase “spending a night in the Paris Hilton” has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning, ever since the socialite’s ex-boyfriend released a tape of himself having sex with the skanky daddy’s girl.

The tape has since popped up on various Web sites and, unlike the joy that Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson experienced when they made thousands of dollars off their video sexcapades, the angry Hilton family is threatening legal action to anyone caught distributing the naughty video.

It’s never really been a secret that Paris is a somewhat slutty exhibitionist who flashes the paparazzi cameras at any given opportunity and makes out with anyone who falls in her lap. However, she may be a potty-mouthed, disgustingly rich airhead — but we have to remember that at the end of a long, hard day of shopping, she’s just a girl kneeling in front of a boy, asking him to love her.



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