November 19, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 45  

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Wet/Dry Program in perma-limbo

Minors craving a good time at Western’s on-campus bars during the evening will just have to wait — and at this rate, likely until they’re 19.

Bar say smoking bylaw hurts

Local London smokers may be annoyed by recent bylaws banning smoking in public places, but some London businesses, particularly downtown bars, are more than just annoyed — they’re losing money.

Policy passes w/ concern

A new discrimination policy has been approved by Western’s Senate and will be headed to the Board of Governors for ratification, despite some fears the policy could threaten academic freedom at the university.

Liberals to give boost to minimum wage

A campaign promise made by the Ontario Liberal government to raise the minimum wage is rumoured to be included in tomorrow’s throne speech, which would effectively clear its way for implementation.

Grant cash won't help spell 'thymidylate'

A recent funding announcement has positioned Western scientists at the forefront of research in fields whose names most students would have a hard time spelling, let alone sounding out very slowly.

Campus Inquisition

While some London residents love the smoking ban that forces smokers to freeze in the name of nicotine, others have pointed out their frustration with not being able to poison others, as well as themselves. So The Gazette asked students what they feel about separating their poisons from each other, while bars lose money.

Tree-Huggers to rule with iron green thumb

Though the federal Liberal Party got Bono, the Tree-Huggers of Canada (THC) Party have a better gig: rocker Walt Scumsley will deliver a speech tonight at the leadership convention in Ajax, ON. The Gazette caught up with the party’s movers and shakers.

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