November 19, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 45  

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Purple Pipe Winner

What previous hockey experience do you have?
I've played hockey since I was six years old and always at the centre forward position. When I was 16 I was drafted from Toronto to the London Knights. I finished high school here in London and lived with billets (families that get paid to house Ontario Hockey League players) for four years. This gave me lots of opportunities and it also gave [Western coach] Clarke [Singer] a chance to see me play.

What does hockey mean to you?
Hockey is everything to me. There isn't anything else. I have grown up playing six or even seven times a week; I go from school, do homework and then to hockey.

What is the best part about being on the Western hockey team?
I love competing and just the game itself. But I love winning too; working hard and coming out on top is such a good feeling.

What do you bring to the rink?
I think that I am pretty good at passing. Just looking at the whole picture and setting up a guy for a good play or shot.

What do you want to improve on?
I want to work on my shot, make it a bit harder. As well, I would like to eventually skate a little faster.

As a rookie, what is it like to play on the Western team?
Well, its a close-nit bunch of guys. Right away, the older guys made us feel welcomed and comfortable. For the main part, we are on an equal field, but we as rookies have to pick up the pucks at the end of a practice -nothing huge.

Do you have any routines you do before games?
Every game day is the exact same for me: I wake up and go out for breakfast. My warm up is always the same, we all play some football or run the track before a game. We also listen to the same CD before every game.

What is your favourite NHL team?
TORONTO! I grew up there so there was nothing else -my whole family loves the team and we completely support the Leafs.

Do you have a favourite NHL hockey player?
Mike Modano. He is on the Dallas Stars and he plays centre forward like me. He plays a hard strong game, scores a lot, but does a little of everything.

-Alison Stolz




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