November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Average Joe — So, Melena has narrowed down the Average Joes to a mere three. But, guess what!? There was a twist Monday night, as three exceptional Joes were brought in to join the game, to a wide-eyed and very happy Melena. Yep, it looks like the show is going to do exactly as planned — prove that people are inevitably shallow. But hey, at least it will be fun to watch.

Family Guy — Simpsons, watch out: there’s another family in TV town whose clever satire may surpass your own. Family Guy has yet to incite Simpsons-style mania, but it’s definitely beginning to gain a rep as the best new cartoon since Homer & Co. hit the screen — too bad it’s only in rerums.

Britney Spears — So, maybe we trashed her in the past, but Spears has proved she’s serious about staying in the spotlight. Monday night’s ABC Special, Britney Spears: In The Zone, showcased entertainment at its peak. Spears did everything — she played piano, performed a cabaret version of “Baby One More Time” and wore very little clothing. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, and her new tracks are actually worth hearing.


The Perma-Puddle — Walk out of Weldon Library, step down the stairs to your left, and about fifteen feet later, there it is! That evil, immortal, gigantic puddle that will drench your shoes, socks and jeans if you’re not careful. Why won’t it ever go away?

“I Love Blackmore” T-shirts — MIT has launched their new 2003/2004 clothing line and it’s pretty interesting. Although some designs are rather innovative, one T-shirt stands out in a tacky sort of way. “I [heart] Blackmore” T-shirts are apparently the latest fashion, complete with his trademark suspenders. In an attempt to worship him, the shirts turn a professor into a commodity — the exact thing MIT students are trained to avoid.

Lip-synching — Our first Canadian Idol, Ryan Malcolm, sang the national anthem at this year’s Grey Cup. Unfortunately for Malcolm, while holding the microphone at his waist, the recorded version began to play. Worse yet, following performances by Sam Roberts and Bryan Adams, anchor Brian Williams remarked that it was nice to hear people singing their own songs. Ouch.



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