November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Matt Mays & Sam Roberts like hockey

By Amanda Grainger
Gazette Writer

With the re-release of his debut solo album, Dartmouth N.S.’s up-and-coming rocker Matt Mays found time to chat with The Gazette.

How would you describe your style of music?
Classic. Neal Young, Dylan… I like the classic style.

What inspires your song lyrics?
The truth inspires me. Whatever is going on with me at the time. I guess just stuff in general. Does that make sense? I don’t sit down and try to come up with songs, they just come. I don’t force it.

How do you feel about being compared to an earlier Blue Rodeo and other similar Canadian acts?
It’s really flattering. I love Blue Rodeo, and the fans. You grow up hearing them, they’re bound to influence your style of music.

What is your favorite part of playing live?
Being on the same wave length as the crowd is the best. When you can achieve that, it’s awesome.

You’ve performed all over Canada. What is your favourite city to perform in?
Victoria, anywhere in British Columbia. Winnipeg… pretty much all of Canada. It’s great. England was great too though; I had a blast in Manchester.

Your tour dates are all Canadian. Will you be touring in the United States?
Hopefully. I’m looking to tour in the U.K first, just because it’s easier to break out there. But yes, the States is on my near horizon.

What’s it like touring with Sam Roberts?
It’s great. I’m at a hockey game with him and the band right now. Our bands are just hanging out together. It’s a good time.

Any plans to tour solo?
Maybe in January or February.

Has winning the Galaxy Rising Star Award for 2003 changed your perspective on your career?
Not really. I don’t really think of it much every day. I’m always setting far goals for myself and striving to reach them.

Matt Mays and his band El Torpedo perform with Nathan Wiley at Call The Office tonight.



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