November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Boy meets world of stardom

By Jeff Zon
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
THE CATHEDRAL OF BOY. The Boy himself hangs out in between rockin’ out. Isn’t he adorable?

Don’t you just wish you could get connected to your Northern Canadian brethren? Do you think the best entertainment prospect to come out of the cold and snowy Arctic was Will Ferrell in an elf costume? Introducing the next best thing straight out of the Yukon Territory, a man whose name is as festive as his presence, Mr. Stephen Noel.

Having played in various folk and blues bands since he was 14 years old, Noel found himself in a rut in his later teenage years. Stirred by a volatile mix of boredom and ambition, Noel looked for a release for his talent and found Boy. The telling moniker — he was only 17 when he started his solo act — has become his trademark and represents a meaningful stage name.

That’s exactly what you’ll see during a show: just a boy and his music. “I just like to think that the music takes you on lows and highs. I don’t jump around the stage and smash my head around or anything —I just like to let the music speak for itself,” he explains.

The music itself is patterned with rock and blues influences, most notably The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. His recent single “French Diplomacy” stimulates toe-tapping and head-bopping with a jovial, commercial jingle feel. The self-titled album contains 10 other tracks, both acoustic and electric, each showcasing Noel’s own love for lyrical storytelling.

However, simple biographies and musical reviews alone are petty and shallow. The Gazette has taken the initiative to dig deeper into the real artist behind the man. We have challenged Noel to a rousing game of “Which is Better?”:

Which is Better? with Boy

Big city or small town? - Tie
Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? - Bruce Lee
Waffles or pancakes? - Waffles with raspberries. I’m allergic to strawberries; otherwise it would probably be waffles with strawberries.
Regular NES or Playstation 2? – Neither. Funny you should bring up Nintendo. I prefer Sega Genesis. Games like NHL ’94, that’s what I love.
Shoelaces or Velcro? - Velcro is more practical, kinda space-age.
“Independent Woman” or “Dude Looks Like a Lad””?- Depends what night it is. “Independent Woman” — Destiny’s Child have some great vibes.
Blind Date or Temptation Island? - Reality TV sucks



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