November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Modern day rebellion: relevant or ridiculous?

Green hair, safety pins, tattoos, smoking -these typical symbols of youth rebellion seem to be a style staple for an increasing number of people. It seems, however, these symbols are not infused with the same underlying ideas that they were years ago.

Black ink and metal hardware

In class one day I noticed a tattoo on the lower back of one of my female classmates. It was one of those discreet tattoos, so when I saw it I found myself thinking -wow, I would never have thought of her as someone with a tattoo; she seems so sweet and innocent.

Top 10 Modern Rebellious Icons

Modern day rebellion is difficult to define. Many social and political milestones have been reached by our predecessors in past decades, and many great things have already been accomplished. So, what's left to do, and what defines a rebel these days?

Rebel, Rebel: a close-up on modern day icons

Big bucks and bad boys: commercialized rebellion

Thrust n' Perry

Even if you weren’t alive in the 1950s, there are two guys you remember: James Dean and Elvis Presley. Dean rose to the top in Rebel Without a Cause and Elvis, the so-dubbed king of rock ’n’ roll, “rebelled” musically.



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