November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Top 10 Modern Rebellious Icons

Modern day rebellion is difficult to define. Many social and political milestones have been reached by our predecessors in past decades, and many great things have already been accomplished. So, what's left to do, and what defines a rebel these days?

In 1951, French author Albert Camus said a rebel is "a man who says no" -we think this statement still stands true today.

A rebel is a person who rejects the norm and tries to transcend social, political and cultural boundaries in order to achieve some sort of concrete goal; be it to change the world for the better or simply to refuse to live a life of mediocrity.

This week, along with discussing various aspects of rebellion, we've compiled a list of the people we consider the most visible and worthy icons of modern day rebellion.

-Maggie Wrobel


1) Jon Stewart
Political satirist with the biggest balls on TV.

2) The Simpsons
TV'a favourite family stays relevant with timely humour.

3) Eminem
His genius rhymes never cease to offend.

4) Madonna
Even though she's sketchy lately, she keeps pushing the envelope.

5) Angelina Jolie
The perfect amalgamation of a wild, sexy woman and socially conscious single mom.

6) Pearl Jam
Politically active and fervently outspoken, Eddie Vedder & co. keep on rocking.

7) Johnny Depp
This Hollywood A-list actor is as un-Hollywood as it gets.

8) Douglas Coupland
Fabulously bizarre, this author is a distinctive voice in a sea of mediocrity.

9) Quentin Tarantino
Perhaps Hollywood's most renowned and most fucked up creative mind.

10) Neil Young
The modern Bob Dylan keeps on rockin' in the "free" world.



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