November 20, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 46  

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Rebel, Rebel: a close-up on modern day icons


Over the past decade, Manson has morphed from God of Fuck to Antichrist Superstar to Arch-Dandy of Dada. But through each transition, he has remained firmly planted on the periphery of the mainstream.

He's the guy parents rail against and churches successfully ban, but at the same time, he's one of the few people who can really reach today's disenchanted youth. Manson may be a rebel, but he clearly has a cause.

-Megan O'Toole


Love does what rebel girls do -they don't care about "appropriate" female behaviour and are determined to have it their way. She's a white-trash loud-mouth who've pushed her way into her roles as a grunge-punk-pop rocker, brash actress and even Vogue cover model, all while fighting music industry giants and those who call her murderer, whore and bitch. But if Love is a bitch, she's the baddest bitch around.

-Brian Wong


What's better than watching an average Joe topple the American government? Absolutely nothing.

Moore has been a thorn in the side of George Dubya Bush, Charlton Heston and many other malcontents since the release of Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine. Moore isn't content to watch from the sidelines and has rebelled against the system, successfully bringing the populace to his cause while making boatloads of money.

-Jordan Bell


Why would a pair of arguably hot 21-year-old twins attending university be considered rebels? Because their dad is the most powerful puritan on the planet!

Jenna and Barbara have been known to drink, have sex, break shit and engage in equally bacchanalian behavior with the best of them. Anyone able to do that while their father assumes the role of the world's moral compass deserves our kudos.

-Chris Sinal




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