November 21, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 47  

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News Briefs

A worthy cause

With the assistance of the University Students' Council, a trust fund has been set up for a child whose mother was recently murdered.

Vanessa Bol, the 17-year old mother of eight-month-old Angelita Bol, was shot to death in her Pond Mills Rd. apartment on Nov. 3, by her estranged boyfriend, 21-year old Emerson Dominguez, said USC VP-campus issues Adrienne Kennedy.

Vanessa's parents, Tom and Kim Bol, are former Western employees. Her father was a Physical Plant employee and her mother worked in Food Services. Co-workers of the Bols' have set up a trust fund for their eight-month-old granddaughter.

"This is a tragic event for the Western and London community," Kennedy said. Students and staff at Western can show their support by contributing to Angelita's trust fund. Cheques can be sent to:

Angelita Bol Trust Fund
c/o University of Western Ontario
Lambton Hall, Room 137
1421 Western Rd.
London, ON N6A 4W4
Maureen Finn

Enter the consumer free-zone

Good thing The Gazette doesn't cost anything - otherwise, you'd be cheating on Buy Nothing Day by reading.

The challenge is easy - try simple living for a day. Spend time with family and friends, rather than spend money on them. It may sound boring and cliche, but love is one thing money can't buy,? said Oxfam UWO's Claire Heslop, who is in charge of the event.

Buy Nothing Day kicks off with a free concert Nov. 26 at 9 p.m. and continues all day on Nov. 27 and 28. The event features fair-trade coffee, a culture jam puppet show and a "free store," where people can swap used junk for used treasures, she added.

Naturally, all events are free and more information is available from Heslop at

Dan Perry

Where the hell was Gizmo?

Students may have noticed the power was out on campus yesterday, but it was not the apocalypse or a fraternity prank.

Dave Riddell, associate vice-president of physical plant and capital planning, said the power failure at 9:30 a.m. yesterday was the result of work being done by London Hydro.

Riddell was unsure if the power failure was related to one that occurred early Wednesday morning. "We're hoping that those sort of unscheduled events do not happen," he said.

But The Gazette knows better.

The power failure was obviously the result of the work of magical gremlins using their secret powers to bring chaos to Western in the hopes they would gain access to a vital secret weapon to continue their struggle against the dreaded Pirates of the Thames.

The sneaky swashbucklers were nowhere to be found, however, so the gremlins turned to using their magical powers to raid the Tim Hortons in CentreSpot, which had been closed because of the lack of electricity to power the coffee machines.

The gremlins spent the next half hour feasting on doughnuts, gorging on soup-in-a-bread bowl and pounding coffee back like it was some sort of sweet, sweet gremlin champagne.

Their transforming orgy of mayhem and revelry was put to a quick end when a gallant French knight ? Western President Paul Davenport came to the rescue of the fair people of Western and chased the gremlins back to their secret magical lairs.

Using its vast networks of tipsters and contacts, The Gazette has learned that the gremlins are plotting a triumphant return. We can only wonder if we will ever be safe again.

-Marshall Bellamy



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