November 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 48  

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All you can eat

Lay’s Toronto College Street Pizza chips
As one of two new flavours in Lay’s limited edition “Tastes of Canada” series, Toronto College Street Pizza chips garnered a surprising, “That’s good!” and a “Wow!” from our judges — consisting of A&E Editors Lori Mastronardi, Megan O’Toole and Brian Wong, Opinions Editor Mark Polishuk and Sports Editor Alison Stolz — but we were not unanimous in deciding whether this chip really tasted like pizza or not. With an ingredients list consisting of tomato powder, parmesan and Romano cheese, bell pepper powder and the sketchy “natural flavour,” these chips definitely have a tangy, spicy, tomato sauce flavour which reminded some judges of pizza, but reminded others of any Italian food with tomato sauce on it.

Bubblicious Savage
Sour Apple gum

Mark: I like it.
Brian: It tastes sour.
Lori: It’s sour apple!
Alison: That’s new?
Megan: It tastes assy.
Alison: Later it tastes bland.
Lori: Why are the pieces of Bubblicious so big?
Alison: It smelled more sour in the beginning than it tasted. I think gum’s supposed to be refreshing — not sour.
Mark: I like it. Gum? Good! Apple? Good!

Trident Spicy Cinnamon gum
It tastes like cinnamon hearts.
It tastes super spicy.
It tastes like cinnamon candles.
It tastes like Christmas.



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