November 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 48  

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Using Canadian Tire moolah is all the rage

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

Canadian Tire money can be used to purchase WD-40, table saws, motor lubricant and, if you are in Calgary, deliciously sweet jugs of beer.

A report last week that Pete’s Peanut Pub in Calgary was allowing customers to use Canadian Tire money to buy alcohol brought an angry response from the corporation over how their monopoly money is being used.

Canadian Tire spokesperson Jennifer Sexton refused to give a comment concerning the entire issue on usage of Canadian Tire bling for alcohol. “I was just on CBC Radio and I said I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore,” she stated.

Ron Searfone, manager of Jim Bob Ray’s and Joe Kool’s here in London, was a little more helpful, stating Joe Kool’s had a promotion to sell food for Canadian Tire money on certain nights. “It started in 1990 — we had hit a recession and times were [tough].

“We [couldn’t] accept it for liquor or we’d go to jail,” Searfone noted, adding the promotion at the time provided customers with a different option. “It hit Maclean’s magazine, it was very successful.”

Searfone pointed out Joe Kool’s no longer has the promotion anymore. “It just fizzled out.”

The Wild Rose, a bar in Stratford, also had a similar promotion which allowed patrons to buy food and alcohol with the silly money, said employee Derek Hallock. “We just did it at the beginning as a funny little quark,” he noted, adding that Canadian Tire let the bar buy tools and other supplies for maintenance, but Wild Rose no longer does the promotion anymore. “It’d be cool to do it again.”

Western students had their own ideas of what should be done with Canadian Tire money and what the bars should be doing with the funny money.

“I hate Canadian Tire; they’ve always been screwing me over, so what would I do with Canadian Tire money? I’d burn it or give it to some homeless guy near the bar — [or] I’d buy my lovely girlfriend a drink,” said fifth-year geography student Ryan Mimnagh of his love for hating Canadian Tire.

“I like the fucking idea of getting drinks for free — you gotta admit it’d be nice to go into Call The Office and get free damn drinks,” noted third-year history and political science student Fergal Murphy in The Spoke.



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