November 25, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 48  

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News Briefs

New film department approved
In an Arts Council meeting yesterday, a motion was passed almost unanimously (with one abstention) in favour of the creation of an independent department of film within the faculty of arts. On Dec. 5, the issue will go to Western’s Senate and, if approved, the new department will be official as of July 1, 2004.

Kathleen Okruhlik, the dean of arts, said she was strongly in favour of the motion. “Film has reached a point in history where in order to continue to grow, the structure needs to change.”

“There are many academic reasons for this,” Okruhlik said, citing an increase in visibility, an enhanced ability to collaborate with other programs and a positive impact on research as some of the benefits of an independent film department.

“None of us can remember when a new department has been made without clumping [many subjects together],” Okruhlik said, highlighting the uniqueness of the creation of a new, more sharply focused department.

Okruhlik answered questions from the council, mainly concerning the way the English department will change with film separated from it. “Six positions will be transferred into film from English,” she explained, adding the amount of funding being taken out of English for film will be less than the current cost of maintaining film as part of English.

—Laura Katsirdakis

Thugs beware
With all of the thugs and ruffians roaming about campus, especially those damn magical gremlins and pirates, Western students will be receiving some useful hints for the next few days to keep safe from everything from tsunamis to tidal waves.

Campus Safety Week will be running from today until Thursday Nov. 27 in the University Community Centre atrium, said University Students’ Council campus safety commissioner Lindsay Cunliffe.

Included in the displays for the next three days will be booths from Student Emergency Response Team, Foot Patrol, Campus Community Police Service and Housing.

According to Cunliffe, there will be videos running about the safe consumption of alcohol, rape and the date rape drug. CCPS will also be monitoring speeders on campus with sophisticated technology.
“There’ll be a map setup called ‘Where do you feel safe on campus?’,” Cunliffe said, noting students will be able to pin up where they feel the safest on campus.

—Marshall Bellamy



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