November 26, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 49  

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Campus cops expand to affiliates

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff

Matt Prince/Gazette
NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM DOING MY DUTY... NOT EVEN THAT TIM HORTONS OVER THERE. Const. Creamer of the Campus Community Police Service gets ready to go for a bite... er... on patrol Monday.

The authority of the Campus Community Police Service will soon be extended to allow constables full authority at the three affiliated colleges.

"There has been an agreement signed between the London Police Service Board and the university to extend the powers of constables [on Western's main campus] to the affiliates," said Elgin Austen, spokesperson for CCPS. "The actual expansion won't take place until the Ministry of Public Safety and Corrections [also signs off]," he explained, adding Ministry approval should come in about a month.

At the present time, CCPS does have contracts with King's University College, Huron University College and Brescia University College and does patrol them, Austen said. When police are needed, the London Police Department is contacted, but they often cannot respond as they have many other priorities, he explained. When this happens, the LPD contacts CCPS and asks them to respond.

"It only makes sense that when responding, constables should have full authority," Austen said, adding the change in authority would only make official what currently happens all the time. "This will be an enhancement of [CCPS] powers in order to be more efficient in delivering police services," he said, noting this will benefit the safety of everyone on campus.

"We requested this [change] a long time ago," said Gerald Killian, principal of King's. "We have been waiting for this for over a year.

"Now we can have a measure of security that all [main campus] Western students have," he said. "We have been relying on a private security company and King's has gotten to a size that police security was needed."

"Campus police have been helping us anyway so this change will just affirm what was already there," Killian stated. He noted the request for CCPS to have full authority at affiliate colleges came from King's.

"This will not be a change [for Huron]," said Ramona Lumpkin, Huron's principal. "We have had a contractual agreement with [CCPS] since 1994."

Huron receives police services from CCPS and pays for them, Lumpkin said. "Because we are separately funded we must pay for service from Western's police - any service we want from Western we have to pay for," she explained.

The principal of Brescia was not available for comment.



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