November 27, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 50  

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Blink 182
Blink 182

The latest release from Blink 182, simply titled Blink 182, is an album you can totally get into. For anyone who was, or currently is a Blink fan, the group’s long overdue album won’t disappoint.

After Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, each member went on to follow separate musical endeavors and have without question matured from such projects. Blink has moved away from their notorious “doodie” and “boobie” jokes and towards more serious subject matters with their songs.

The lyrics on this album prove they have finally left behind their high school glory days and can tackle the situations we relate to in our early 20s. The first single off the album, “Feeling This,” is reminiscent of their old days but also displays this new aura of maturity.

Blink has a well-established reputation of being a fun band. If you’re looking for an album that is fun to listen to, but doesn’t make you feel 15 again, then this is the album for you.

—Jordan Gracey



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