November 27, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 50  

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WCalenders versus the Purple Spur's

Two new calendars have been recently released on campus: The Purple Spur’s Guys and Girls of Western, and the WBoy/WGirl Calendars. Since there’s a bit of competition in the air, we decided to compare the two.


WCalendars have launched their third project with this 2004 installment. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Aid Society; it’s not a for-profit venture. Though many of the pictures are quite racy, the overall look of the calendars is quite classy. The photos, taken at Club Phoenix, are of high quality. And the guys’ calendar even includes an N*Sync page, with J.T. and Joey Fatone look-alikes!

The calendars are an unfortunate representation of the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in Western’s student population. Though the “quotas” were met by including a couple of token non-white models, the calendars are largely dominated by the typical, North American standard of beauty. Some of the girls in the calendar offer a classy look, but many of them are too Britney Spears-esque to be really interesting. A little more diversity would have been beneficial here — after all, Western has more to offer than carbon-copy “Western” girls and boys.


In a similar fashion, The Purple Spur Society launched their project in order to raise money for the Save the Children charity, rather than contributing the money to their drinking team. The models seem a little more relaxed and the calendar has more of a casual feel — in this way, it’s a more accurate portrayal of the typical Western student. Not to mention, all the photos in these calendars were taken by The Gazette’s own photo staff, Dave Picard and Beth Kerim. That gives them extra points in our books.

Unfortunately for the Spur, it looks as though they had a tighter budget to work with, thus explaining the slightly amateur look of the calendar. Also, unlike WCalendars, this is the Purple Spur’s first effort; therefore, their lack of experience in creating such a project is to be expected. There isn’t much racial or ethnic diversity in the Spur’s calendars either and many of the pictures border on the ultra-skanky rather than being classy.

Ed. note: Overall, we feel that WCalendars are a better bet if you’re looking for something that will look good on your bedroom wall — that is, if you feel comfortable having fellow students staring at you when you wake up in the morning.



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