November 27, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 50  

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News Briefs

Wait a minute... you’re not from United Way!
For once, you can feel good about saying no to the canvassers at your door.

A man described as about six feet tall, black, well-dressed and wearing a silver hoop earring has been seen going door-to-door collecting donations, according to London United Way executive director Helen Connell.

“We don’t know anything about this gentleman and haven’t seen any money. He claims it’s for StairClimb — which has already happened. We have no idea who he is and we have no indication he’s raising money for us,” she said.

The character reportedly claims he is from Western as well, which could not be confirmed at press time. “He’s obviously not with us, as the event is over, but he may just be confused with the process or something,” said University Students’ Council VP-student affairs Matt Huether.

According to Connell, there have been several complaints. “It was a couple of weeks ago [when the first complaint was filed]. You anticipate it’s going to happen on one day and then he’s going to leave town — but in this case, he’s persistent.”

Anyone with information or concerns is asked to call the London Police Department at 661-5670 or London United Way at 438-1721.

OUSA not coming — politicos crushed
Western will not, after all, be besieged by the frightening “Policy Nerds” of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance this weekend.

According to Kathe Rogers, OUSA’s director of communications and member relations, the campus visits to Western and Windsor were cancelled due to the illness of one of the main participants.

“We were planning on promoting our new ‘Invest in Access: Fix A Student Financial Aid In Need’ campaign, but because our executive director [Adam Spence] is ill and because exams will be gearing up soon, we’ll have to reschedule for January,” Rogers said.

“We encourage any interested students to visit [ and] where profiles can still be submitted,” she added.
—Dan Perry

Sultry and flamboyant students wanted
If you think Liza Minnelli in fishnet stockings is the incarnation of Lucifer as a prostitute, then it’s time to roll up those slacks and show her how it’s done.

The faculty of music will be offering a new, half-credit course next term that will see enrolled students involved in a musical production of Cabaret, a love-story set in a club in Nazi Germany.

“This is very, very unique,” said Matt Huether, VP-student affairs for the University Students’ Council, as he announced the program yesterday.
The course, music 341b, does not have any prerequisites or anti-requisites and will be available during the add/drop period in January, Huether said.

“You might need special permission depending on your program requirements,” he said, adding all music students must seek permission since it cannot be used as a performance credit.

The course aims to enroll 100 students in a variety of roles, including actors, understudies and technical staff, Huether said.

Eight performances of Cabaret will take place during the second and third weekends of March in Talbot Theatre.

—Anton Vidgen

Meds Memand Mo’ Money
The med outreach program wants your money, all for a very worthy cause, of course.

The program is affiliated with the university but is run entirely by students, explained Jayme Frost, letter co-ordinator with the program.
“There will be a team of seven students [from the medicine, dentistry and nursing programs] going to Northern Tanzania for seven weeks to provide primary health care and [health] promotion to rural areas,” Frost said, adding the students will be working collaboratively with hospitals and doctors in the region.

The program is raising money to bring supplies along with them on the trip such as school and hygiene supplies, Frost said. “On Mon. Dec. 1, which is World AIDS/HIV Day, we will be having a bake sale from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside the University Hospital cafeteria.”

For more information, visit or e-mail Donations can be sent to:
Medical Administration Office, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
N6A 5C1

—Laura Katsirdakis



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