November 28, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 51  

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Hard road to Centennial Hall

To the Editor:
My friends and I were on our way to see Sam Roberts last Friday, when we encountered a couple of shady looking dudes on Waterloo St. around 8:15 p.m.. They stopped and asked us where Centennial Hall was, and when we told them we were on our way there to see the show, they were ecstatic. I asked if they liked Sam Roberts — they hesitated and replied, “We’re actually in the band, and we can’t find the place!”

We laughed and said we’d walk them there. So much for thinking we were gonna be late for the show; the band wasn’t even there! We found out they were Eric (keyboards) and Corey (drums) from the band. We asked if they could get us in the back door, but they said they didn’t have any pull. I can believe that, since they were walking to the show — they still gotta be small time.

So there you have it. Without our aid, Eric and Corey would probably still be walking aimlessly around the streets of London, ultimately cancelling the greatest rock show of the year.
Just another kicker: the opening band, except the lead singer, were probably lost too. The lead singer, Peter, came up on stage and said, “I don’t know where the rest of my band is, so I’m gonna play by myself.” Funny but true.

Souey Sompaseuth
Psychology IV

La-crossed out

Re: “The Western Mustangs’ Fall Sports Review,” Nov. 21, 2003

To the Editor:
It’s disappointing the Western men’s field lacrosse team was overlooked in your Fall Sports Review. Many people don’t even know the men’s lacrosse team exists. A lack of university funding should not be a reason for them to go unrecognized as a respectable sports team representing Western.

The lacrosse team has the highest calibre athletes within their sport, including three National Lacrosse League players, but unfortunately, everyone has gone unnoticed. The team had a quality record of 6-2-0 and finished third overall in the Ontario championship.

Perhaps next year someone will find this outstanding team of worthy of recognition.

Jenn Piersma
Arts I

Note to photogs: stop re-Joyceing

To the Editor:
Could you please stop publishing pictures of Dave Joyce in The Gazette? He keeps strutting around Med-Syd shoving papers in peoples’ faces and bragging about how he’s had his picture in three times already this year. He’s starting to think he’s cock of the walk, when in reality he’s cock of nothing.

Maciek “Frank” Piekosz
History II



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