November 4, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 36  

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Entertainment Briefs

Dimension Films 2003
THE SCARY THING IS THAT THIS MOVIE IS MAKING A LOT OF MONEY. Pamela Anderson, who has a role in Scary Movie 3, shows her fear - and her boobs - quite convincingly.

Scary Movie 3 No.1 for second week

The spoof-filled, gratuitous everything comedy Scary Movie 3 took in $21.1 million over the Halloween weekend to reign at the top of the box office for a second straight week. The film is approaching the $80 million mark. Now that's scary - what the hell is wrong with people? Why do people shell out $10 to see part three of anything? But we digress. Disney's animated Brother Bear came in at second place with $18.5 million.

NBC cancels Coupling

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show NBC hoped would be the next Friends is actually a flop. Based on its successful British original, Coupling was intended to be a hot, sexy, racy and raunchy sitcom, but it turns out viewers were not so titillated. The program, with a Thursday night time slot between Will & Grace and ER, had been losing viewers every week since its Sep. 25 premiere. Maybe now television network execs will stop stealing U.K. shows to come up with poor American versions and instead, come up with their own ideas.

Attn: Music Lovers - Nettwerk street team!

Get involved! Canada's biggest indie label, Nettwerk Productions, is looking for people who never go without some tunes to groove to. If this is you, they're looking to pick up your type for our Street Team. Members will get the chance to be pumpin' wicked artists like Sarah McLachlan, Swollen Members, Gob, Ti?to and Delerium, to name a few. For your efforts, we'll hook up some tunes'n'tix. For the full scoop, hit up April Cote, Street Team Co-ordinator at

New DVDs:

It's a new month, so you need some new reasons to drop some of your OSAP loan. Some newly released DVDs include The X Files: Season Eight, Friends: Season Five, Finding Nemo and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.



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