November 4, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 36  

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Matt Prince/Gazette
I LIKE ROCKS... AND NO, I AM NOT A GEEK. First-year arts student Dilang Johnpulle examines an, ummm, interesting rock during his earth sciences class.

Low medical grad/residency spots ration a crisis: critics

What happens when a student is bright enough to make it to medical school, fortunate enough to have the funds to pay their way and then graduate without finding a residency placement? We have trained doctors who cannot practice medicine in Canada, that’s what.

Caucasian Club causes stir - no burning crosses, yet

A controversial new student “club” at Western is causing a stir: CaucasianClubUWO, a Yahoo! discussion group, has invited many students by mass e-mail to join.

The Spoke wheels out cheaper beer

So you are in dire financial straits, as many post-secondary students are. While contemplating your budget maneuvering, do you ever lament a recent night of beer-soaked debauchery? Or, more likely, do you lament the fact you spent what little money you have on beer rather than groceries?

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Matt Prince /Gazette
I'M SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, I'M SINGIN' IN THE... AWW FUCK THAT SHIT, RAIN SUCKS! A weary Western traveller deals with God's piss on a dull Monday afternoon on University Dr. bridge.


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