November 4, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 36  

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The Spoke wheels out cheaper beer

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff
Matt Prince/Gazette
POUR THAT SUGAR ON ME. Fifth-year education student Mike Reaume serves the beautiful ol’ liquid courage at The Spoke.

So you are in dire financial straits, as many post-secondary students are. While contemplating your budget maneuvering, do you ever lament a recent night of beer-soaked debauchery? Or, more likely, do you lament the fact you spent what little money you have on beer rather than groceries?

Starting immediately, a pint of beer at The Spoke will cost only $2.50, said Dan Smith, manager of The Spoke and The Wave. The prices used on Monday will now be extended to every day, Smith explained, noting there is no one “drinking day” of the week.

“The reality is that the bar business in the city has gotten pretty competitive,” Smith explained when asked what motivated the price drop. “We want to recreate The Spoke as a student hangout — [it’s just like] Western’s living room,” he said.

“Pricing is certainly something that students are responsive to,” Smith noted, adding the price break will make The Spoke a bit more accessible to all students.

“This is not meant to be cheap booze, it is meant to be an affordable option,” Smith said. He explained the price drop was also intended to encourage students to frequent the campus bar and enhance the community feeling surrounding it.

“There has been a lot of talk about the underagers — the majority of people on campus are of age and we want to be responsive to them too,” Smith explained.

“The beer pricing fits in overall with the quality programming at The Spoke,” said Paul Yeoman, president of the University Students’ Council, noting weekly events like Rick McGhee on Wednesday, live bands on Thursdays and karaoke on Tuesdays.

“The Spoke is a great place to hang out,” Yeoman said, adding the price drop will be appreciated since “we know everyone’s strapped for cash.”

“Cheaper beer? Sounds good — maybe I’ll go more often,” said Martin McKendry, a second-year English and philosophy student.

“Frankly, probably not,” said Jeff Szeto, a second-year masters business administration student, when asked if the price drop would entice him to go The Spoke. “I think The Spoke is a dive; cheap drinks do not matter.”

“Cheap beer is the best beer,” said Cam Treacy, a third-year geology student.

“That’s exciting — every day of the week you can go out drinking. Now I can get drunk here every day,” said third-year biology student Kelly Sandha.



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