November 4, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 36  

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Campus Inquisition

"They should leave it there, they've done enough renovations on campus this year. [It's not an eye-sore], I hardly even notice it."

-Kim Shields
psychology III
in reference to the Concrete Beach's big purple awning

"I don't think there's any purpose to having [the awning] - people will rip it down when they come out of The Spoke and The Wave. Leave it there and let them rip it down. It's not worth spending the money to remove it."

-Michelle Caplan
media, information and technology II

"It shouldn't be such a big deal, I went to the Vagina Monologues in Toronto and I don't think it is that out there. I don't think it should be censored."

-Michelle Bornstein
masters in epidemiology
on the Vagina Monologues posters altered by King's College

"I think writing the vagina monologues on concrete walls doesn't seem appropriate. Anything to do with sexual organs is inappropriate when written on walls with chalk; it's okay on a poster."

-Kathleen Senese
Kinesilogy IV

"I had a friend who brought their parents to campus and was embarrassed about the [Vagina Monologues ] writing on the walls. The posters should just say 'women' to keep everyone satisfied."

-Marsha Sikkema
Kinesiology III

"The whole point of the play is not to be embarrassed by physical parts. If they're saying you can't say 'vagina' that undermines the point."

-Ashley Ross
Kinesiology III



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