November 6, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 38  

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Tegan and Sara: Our favourite twins rocked out on Monday night to a very lucky crowd. The show consisted of a great mix of old and new material, along with endless bickering between the charming sisters.

Average Joe: Expecting a plethora of pretty boys to choose from, one girl is instead faced with a selection of normal — as well as the level below normal — guys.

The potential removal of the purple awning: Yep, the “big purple thing” may be taking its leave of Concrete Beach. Really, this is both swanky and skanky — swanky because the USC has finally realized the awning is ugly; skanky because of the ridiculous costs estimated for its removal.


Bowie & Hilfiger: The once-respected rock legend David Bowie (and wife, Iman) will showcase his passion for fashion and music by filling the role of poster boy for Spring 2004, there’s nothing admirable about Bowie’s decision.

People who converse (loudly) during acoustic sets: For example, those loudmouths screeching during Matt Sharp’s set last Monday. Shut up already!

Western girls wearing mesh backs: Mesh back hats are an example of trend-setting gone very wrong. It’s bad enough when guys wear them; but when fake ’n baked, bleached-blonde Western girls start thinking a mesh back is the perfect complement to J-Lo sweatsuit, we start worrying.



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