November 6, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 38  

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Written in stone

The University of Western Ontario recognizes that Employment Equity is a value at the core of its mandate as a community leader and an institution of higher learning.... [this] does not mean hiring members of the designated groups over better-qualified candidates; it means ensuring that employment systems do not adversely affect designated group members.
-from Western's Information
for Appointment Committees and Promotion and Tenure Committees

...the University must be fully competitive in attracting female graduate students and professors. Our policy at Western is to seek out and encourage female applicants and then to make the final appointment decision solely on the basis of academic merit.
- from Western's Strategic Plan

... Western must also make every effort to be a welcoming environment for students and faculty from the other designated groups, including visible minorities, people from the First Nations/Aboriginal community, and persons with disabilities.
- Strategic Plan

For women, numbers increased from 232 to 352. Women now represent 22.6 per cent of the full time faculty...
- from Western's Compliance Reports to the Federal
Contractors Program





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