November 6, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 38  

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Parking forum results in freeze; students still bitch

Results of the open parking forum held on Oct. 28 are in and it looks like the price of undergraduate green passes will be frozen next year.

Working towards a cure for breast cancer

If your life has been affected by cancer, then you can surely appreciate the fact Canadian and American scientists have come one small step closer to finding a cure for breast cancer.

Palestinians: peace will be achieved via equality

If the Israelis only began to treat the Palestinians as equals in all regards, Diana Buttu said she believes peace would be one step closer.

Israelis: peace will come if suicide bombing ends

If the Palestinians were to end terrorism and put a stop to suicide bombers, Neil Lazarus believes peace in the Middle East would be much more attainable.

Why libel law needs adjustment

Thrust n' Perry

In the news business, one code holds true: guilty until proven innocent.

The Gazette looks at how first-year students are dealin'

For most students, mid-terms are a thing of the past, or at least are soon to be. So, in the brief space between passing and celebrating, The Gazette caught up with a few first-year students to find out how they have handled the transition to university and their first of many mid-term crises.

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