November 6, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 38  

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Ask the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have been a student here for several years and I am facing my first London municipal election. Usually during elections I am the one touting the strengths of the Communist Party and working towards overthrowing the capitalist pigs from their ivory towers.

But I am confused because I know so little about local London politics. Usually there are parties and opposing party supporters to beat and then pour Castor Oil down their mouths. And I can usually attend party rallies and tell everyone about my MIT courses. I am in such a quagmire about all of these candidates with no revolutionary agenda. I am wondering if I should vote at all this year.

Can you tell me a little bit about the strange world of London municipal politics because I fear I am way out of my element.

A Questioning MIT Voter

Dear Questioning MIT Voter,

You're right to wonder if you should vote in a stinkin' municipal election. After all, what does City Hall have to do with being a student?

Well mister (or missus), I'll tell you.

The people you might elect have an effect on everything from the London Transit Commission to zoning regulations that could affect how much of an asshole your landlord turns out to be. Interestingly, they've also got their hands in things like taxes, the availability of downtown parking and deciding whether or not the strip joint you likely frequent stays open.

Take current Mayor Anne Marie DiCicco, for instance. She might appear to be overly grumpy at those City Hall council meetings - and who wouldn't be? - but she plays a vital role in supporting your university. The mayor even sits on Western's Board of Governors and can often be overheard discussing fine wine, cheese and the latest in gold-plated Mercedes rims with our illustrious President Paul Davenport.

Furthermore, we hear a couple of Western students have thrown their hats into the ring. Whether you want to vote for them just because they're your age and go to your school or you want to vote against them because they're student politicians, many of whom deserve nothing less than sitting through horrible council meetings for hours on end... but I digress.



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