November 7, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 39  

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Tijuana Crackwhore

By Ashley Audrain
Gazette Staff

The band name Tijuana Crackwhore serves a very obvious purpose: you’ve either heard of them or you haven’t. Besides being catchy, it’s also very fitting for the band’s good sense of humour and their hard-edge underground metal sound.

“We can’t compare our sound to anyone because it’s so different. It’s old-school grunge with a new-school technical sound,” describes Jeff, the band’s drummer. “I’d say our biggest influences are bands like Korn and Pantera.”

When the band first formed five years ago, its sound was more generic cock-rock metal and lacked the unique sound and live energy the new members of the band have helped establish.

Two years ago, Jeff heard the band was looking for a new drummer after watching frontman Nathan cast an open call on Speaker’s Corner. He got a copy of their first CD, Narcissistic, and learned all the music before jamming with them for the first time.

“Then I just showed up and played with them and ever since then its worked out really well,” Jeff says, who’s been playing drums for 20 years.

The band is currently in the studio recording the remaining eight tracks for their untitled second album, but they’ve released a three-song sampler.

Unfortunately, Tijuana Crackwhore hasn’t had the greatest response in Canada, despite their popularity in the London scene.

“We’ve sent out so much good music and have heard some really good feedback, but they’ve always sent it back,” Jeff laughs. “So we decided to go into the [United] States and we’ve had an awesome response; I think because we have a heavier sound. We’re played on West Palm Beach radio a ton; they love [us] there.”

The band had a huge surprise when they got a call from a radio station in Florida, asking if they were excited the World Wresting Federation had used their song in a Las Vegas event.

“At first we were like ‘What?’ because we had no idea what he was talking about, but then we thought ‘Right on!’ At least millions of people heard us... now we are pursuing avenues to find out how that happened without us knowing.”

Tijuana Crackwhore hopes to travel south for a few shows in the future, but for now they are enjoying performing with other bands in the London scene: “Picasso of Mess always puts on a really good show. We try and play with them about three times a year, because we have the same fan base, so we get a really good show going together.

“In the meantime, we just have our fingers and toes crossed,” Jeff adds. “People tell us we’ll be signed anytime, so we’ll see. It’s funny because some labels tell us to never get rid of our name, but I think others see our name and think we can’t be taken seriously. But if they’d listen to us, they’d know what they are missing.”

Tijuana Crackwhore plays The Embassy tonight at 10 p.m..



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