November 7, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 39  

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Blue Skies at War pour the gasoline and light the match

By Jeff Zon
Gazette Staff

The skies are no longer falling — they’ve drawn their weapons and waged all out war.

So suggests the name of Canadian outfit Blue Skies at War, who through their poetic and lyrical prowess create just as much noise as the crash of the heavens. When asked about the nature of their name, BSAW bassist Jake states, “It sounds good and it’s open to interpretation. It also means something different to everyone in the band.”

BSAW are currently at a crucial point in their career. With the recent release of their first full-length album, they are touring with devotion to support what they believe will be the spark in their pursuit of making it big. The disc itself, You Pour the Gasoline, I’ll Light the Match is a blend of hardcore and emo not unlike the established sounds of Grade or Thursday.

“Every person in the band is involved and that’s the best part of it. Our music is always intense; we try to make a connection with our audience,” Jake says.

But as the old Motown proverb goes, “there ain’t nothing like the real thing”; as such, you can expect a band to put forth twice as much energy on the stage as they do on their recordings. BSAW makes a point of boasting about their presence on stage.

“At shows is the only time you get to actually connect with your fans,” Jake explains. “We go big all the time in order to make that connection.”

Putting in long hours on tour and recording and managing a career in music requires devotion. All this serious behaviour can have its toll on a band’s morale, but BSAW doesn’t let this get them down.

“Making music is of one of those things that we always have fun [doing],” Jake says. “Whether it’s a more intense emotional connection at a show or just being friends with the audience, the connection is there. We’re fun kids and we keep ourselves joking around, but our music is still something to take seriously.”

Recalling the good times with his bandmates, Jake lets out a chuckle and tells a story of a poorly thoughtout road trip adventure.

“On tour, we ended up at a gas station, outside Saskatoon. There was a guy there with giant holes punched in the sides of his car. Our merch guy, who does car detailing, walked over and asks what happened to the car. This guy was all ’80s acid-wash jeans and long frizzy blonde hair. He tells us that he hit his car with an axe to put speed holes in it to make it look more like a Corvette,” Jake laughs.

The disheveled old rocker, upon realizing he was talking to a band, asked for a copy of their CD. Needless to say, BSAW followed him home to his trailer park wooden shack just a few miles away where he offered them illegal substances and pornography in exchange for the CD. They gave him the CD for free.

For fun these days, however, Jake aspires to something perhaps a little more safe, like attending a screening of The Matrix Revolutions. “I’ve seen the first two, so I might as well see this one also. It’s like eye candy, very entertaining. Our drummer is really excited about it.”

Blue Skies at War will play consecutive shows at Call the Office (with Jersey) and The Embassy on Sat , Nov. 8. Check up on some of BSAW’s singles at



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