November 7, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 39  

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Jock Talk with Caballero Jr.

What interested you in goaltending?
I just got thrown into it. I tried out for a [Mississauga house-league] team when I was eight and the coach told me to try net. They started shooting at me and it just came naturally.

What are your feelings about this year's team and the season?
It's going well. At the beginning there were a lot of new faces, but everyday our team becomes closer, especially after last weekend (the team won a gold medal at the OUA championships).

What changes did you make from last year's season to improve your abilities?
I think the biggest thing was I became more vocal; I also try to be more focused. I just try to always think about my team and not letting them down.

What type of animal does your goaltending style resemble?
I would say an owl. I'm calm, then like an owl, I pop out of nowhere unexpectedly -I'm deceptive like that.

What's your favourite sports movie?
I'd have to say Bend It Like Beckham or The Mean Machine -they're awesome!

Does the defensive line help you out a lot on the field?
Our defense is great. How can it not be with guys like Paco Barnett, Chris Stefanazzi and Jeff Russell? Everyone helps each other a lot and is very supportive and that helps us stay focused.

What is your favourite part about being on the soccer team?
I just love playing soccer. The guys are great too -they are always joking around and it's just fun to be part of the team.

What are your feelings about nationals?
Oh, I'm excited. I can't wait to go and do well. I will give it everything I have and do as much as I possibly can to help the team win. I'll never stop fighting.

-Alison Stolz




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