October 1, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 19  

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Campus Inquisition

"Each year I get different amounts and that pisses me off, considering I make the same amount of money every year."

-Sarah Purcell
history and geography, III
-on OSAP

"What does your parent's income have to do with you? They say parents can give you a percentage but it doesn't mean you're going to get a percentage."

-Joey MacDougall
biochemistry and chemistry, III

"Abolish the rule where if one of your parents are supporting you and the other isn't and that makes you ineligible for OSAP."

-Dave Norton
political science, IV

"My friend went home with a 41-year old and it was the best experience of his life-but he goes to Fanshawe so maybe their standards are a little lower."

-Sarah Blacke
political science, IV
-on her friend's run-in
with a wilder older women.

"They could probably show you a thing or two, besides why not? You know what they're out for, what are most university guys out for?

his reasoning for going home
with a kinder, wiser lady friend

"Yes. They're trained, are they not?"

-Courtney Darling
sociology, IV
on if she would go home with an older man



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