October 1, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 19  

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How to Vote

If you live in residence simply bring photo ID like a driver's license or passport, that has a photo and signature, to the UCC.

If you live off-campus and you recieved a notice of registration card, bring that card to the polling station it specifies.

If you life off-campus and you did not recieve a registration card, you can either:

  1. obtain a certificate to vote from the Returning Office, 1-866-325-6239

  2. bring one document that has your name, address and signiture on it to the polling station in your area (call the number above to find out your polling station)

  3. bring two pieces of identification, one with your photo and signiture (like a driver's license), and a second with your name and address (like a phone bill)

If none of these options work for you, it is possible to vote by proxy in the riding where you last lived before coming to London. Information on voting by proxy, or any other concern with how to vote, can be obtained at www.electionsontario.on.ca



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