October 1, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 19  

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Purple Pipe: Melissa Kandola

Dallas Curow/Gazette
A SIX POINT GAME MAKES ME SMILE. Melissa Kandola, this week's Purple Pipe winner, was livin' large following her Darryl Sittler-esque six points against Guelph last weekend.

The Mustangs women's teams are definitely showing their stuff this year, as this week's winner of the Purple Pipe is yet another female athlete, Melissa Kandola.

Kandola is a member of the women's lacrosse team and after this weekend's performance, it was impossible not to feature her as athlete of the week.

In a 9-6 victory over Guelph on Sunday, Kandola was responsible for not only three goals, but three assists as well. The game, which began in a relaxed pace, turned into an intense match between the Gryphons and Mustangs. The teams scored in alternating turns, beginning with Guelph. However, the Mustangs kept right on their opponent's tail, not giving up for a second. After teammate Lisa Meobus's first goal, Melissa scored the second goal for Western. She continued to help her team score after a foul against her and then lit up the score board once again.

The team has had a decent season thus far with two losses (Laurier and McGill) and two wins (Guelph and York) and are looking forward to continuing their success. The Mustangs will use the season as a time to improve their standings. When it comes to the playoffs, they will know what they are up against and be able to build on last year's OUA silver medal.

-Alison Stolz


Jock Talk with Melissa Kandola

What are your past lacrosse experiences?

I've played for Team Ontario and last year I was a member of the Under-19 Team Canada. I broke my back in Jan. 2002 and couldn't play at that level anymore; it was really disappointing. I did end up playing in the summer for the Brampton Rep team though.

How do you think your past playing experiences contribute to the team?

I think I help the team with stuff I have learned about the game such as strategies and team chemistry, so we can create a positive team attitude.

How did you become interested in lacrosse?

My sister played for York University and I just really wanted to be exactly like her. I started when I was about 14 for the Brampton Rep team and just loved the game.

In the game against Guelph you scored three goals and added three assists. How do you feel about that?

Really? I didn't know that! (laughs). I just like contributing to attacking - points are just numbers that help us win the game and I always want to help the team.

Guelph was playing kind of rough at Sunday's game. Was it hard to keep your cool when they were fouling so often?

It's kind of funny. The joke was on them, because we were winning and they were getting all the calls. We were playing just as aggressive as they were, we just didn't make any illegal plays. They were just frustrated.

What are your overall goals for this year's season?

Personally, I want to get more assists - I like them better than goals. I really admire players that can get as many assists as goals. With the team, I want our entire team to contribute to the attack. I used to play defense and it's nice if you can play that position but still score.

-Alison Stolz



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