October 15 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 25  

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Website of the Week

Metal Sludge

Do you like rock ’n’ roll? More specifically, do you like making fun of pathetic, washed-up metal bands who still think they’re God’s gift to the music industry? If you do, then Metal Sludge is a Web site you simply can’t pass up.

Sludge is jam-packed with hilarious interviews and juicy stories about such has-been faves as Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Sebastian Bach and many more — but the fun doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Even modern-day bands such as Audioslave, Murderdolls and The Donnas get a moment in the Sludge sun as the site creators subject them to insanely funny, off-the-wall interview questions. Sample clip from Sludge’s interview with Tripp Eisen: “You’re in Static-X now. How long does it take to write an album of songs that all sound exactly the same?”

Ahh, what a lovely burn. It’s the type of thing we at The Gazette have always dreamed of doing in interviews, but have never been able to since if we asked this stuff, we’d likely get a click and a dial tone as our response.

Anyway, there’s way more to Sludge than we have space to describe here: in addition to loads of columns, features and reviews, there’s also a special place for Sludgeaholics (read: groupies) to unite. And of course, there’s the infamous rock star penis size chart (some of these figures may surprise you!), along with an online store where fans of the site can stock up on Sludgendise. What more could a metal fan — or hater — ask for?

—Megan O’Toole



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