October 15 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 25  

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Whitemore's got more for Board of Governors

By Paolo Zinatelli
Gazette Staff

Brian Whitmore wants to be your next student representative on the Board of Governors.

Whitmore, a third-year scholars electives student with a focus on international relations, sees being on BOG as a good experience, considering he would like to eventually end up in the political world.

He was a vice-president on the Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence council last year and is a member of various clubs on campus, including the model United Nations, the history club and the French club. Additionally, Whitmore has been a soph for the past two years, including one year as a Saugeen soph and this past year as an off-campus soph.

“I believe I can make a difference on campus,” Whitmore said, when asked why he is running for the position.

Whitmore said he brings a sense of activism to the job. “I’m not necessarily part of the student establishment,” he said, adding character does matter and when you make a commitment and an obligation to something, “you do it to the full extent possible.”

According to Whitmore, this means he can bring a different mind-set to BOG. “I bring a new [way] of thinking. Critical thinking.” He said he would not go into the job with any sort of bias, except for that in favour of student interests.

Whitmore said he is not afraid to raise controversial issues. “I believe I could do a good job,” he said. If elected, Whitmore said he would represent students to the best of his abilities. He added he can stand his ground on the issues at hand and it is important as a representative to speak up when the time comes.

One of the things he would like to see done for Western or any university for that matter, is to reach out to the local school boards. Whitmore wants to make sure students coming to university have the skills to be successful.

Also, Whitmore would like to raise more issues regarding diversity on campus. He said he wants to ensure minority and low income students have the ability to come to university. “[This means] making sure we get money from the government and alumni [for financial aid],” he said. This would allow disadvantaged students the opportunity to go to university, he added.

Whitmore explained his mind-set, will and commitment are what sets him apart and will allow him to do a good job on BOG. “Sheer will and determination will set me apart.”



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