October 16 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 26  

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Menu Option #3 Law/Medical School

Who should go: The most obvious answer being those who either wish to be lawyers or doctors. Law school graduates will receive a bachelor of laws (LLB) and after writing their Ontario Bar Association exam will be able to practice law in the province.

Medical students will receive a doctor of medicine (MD) and will be able to practice their profession wherever they are needed.

What you need to do: The minimum requirements for law school are two years of undergraduate study at university. Also, applicants must write the Law School Admissions Test in order to qualify and must complete the general application (Ontario Law School Application) and the individual profile forms for each law school -all of which are available at www.ouac.on.ca.

Similarly, medical school hopefuls and consequently university graduates, must write the Medical College Admissions Test to be considered as applicants and must complete the Ontario Medical School Application. Also, applicants must have references submit Confidential Assessment Forms to the medical schools to which they are applying. Information about these requirements can be obtained on the OUAC Web site.

Where you can go: There are six Ontario law schools: Osgoode Hall Law School (York University), the University of Ottawa, Queen's University, the University of Toronto, Western and the University of Windsor.

The following universities have medical schools: McMaster University, the University of Ottawa, Queen's University, the University of Toronto and Western.

Cost of applying: The cost of law school applications is $175 for the OLSA application with an additional fee of $50 per school, as well as the cost of transcripts.

The OMSA application costs $175 as well as a supplemental fee of $75 per school and the cost of transcripts.

Out of province information: Students can go through various exchange programs nationally and internationally through law and medical schools. Also, it is possible to attend out of province or out of country schools if desired, but be sure to check any requirements that may be needed to practice in Ontario or Canada.

Scholarship information: When applying to law school, forms for both scholarships and financial assistance are available. Individual medical schools can be contacted for scholarship and financial assistance.

Deadlines: Law school documents are due Nov. 3. Medical school applications are due Oct. 20.

-Kelly Marcella





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