October 16 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 26  

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Trent? What the fuck?

World Wide Wong
Brian Wong

A&E Editor

I hate people.

Case one: I am crossing the street. The dude sitting in his car with his pretty little friends is just waiting in the left-hand turn lane. He thinks it would be riotous if he honks his horn to startle me as I walk past his vehicle. I jump while they’re grinning and laughing.

Case two: I am walking along Elgin Road. A couple of guys in their car are trying to make a left turn into the parking lot while I’m crossing the road. Five seconds is just too long of a wait for busy guys in their fast cars and as they roared behind me, one guy shouted a derogatory remark at me.

What’s wrong with people? Must we get our jollies by harassing others? In my book, this kind of behaviour is excusable only under certain circumstances:
a) You are intoxicated.
b) You are mentally handicapped.
c) You are five years old.

I have a pretty good feeling these people were neither drunk or in need of psychiatric care, nor were they in kindergarten. But it’s evident they need some schooling.

Introduction to How to Not Treat People Like Shit 020. In this course, proper respect towards your fellow citizens is explored. Students will learn how to interact in ways that demonstrate courtesy to others, while taking a closer look at how to have fun without it being at the expense of other people.

It’s funny how just one honk or one word can throw your whole day off. You think, “This wouldn’t have happened if I had a car to go buy groceries,” or “This wouldn’t have happened if I were seven feet tall.”

And then you start contemplating what you could’ve done so these people didn’t get the last laugh. “Why didn’t I flip them off?”; “Why couldn’t I confront them and tell them what they did wasn’t nice?” or “Why don’t I know karate in case the aforementioned confrontation got out of hand?”

You can think all you want, but at the end of the day, you’re an easy harassment target. It’s completely unfair, but that’s just how life works. You can only hope either karma will rule or people will realize what a single gesture can do to a person’s psyche.

That gesture might take one second, but it can reverberate much longer than that. I might’ve had a bad day after those incidents, but what happens to people who have already been experiencing shitty days or weeks or even months? A simple honk or obscene remark could gradually crumble someone into so many pieces they never recover.



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