October 16 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 26  

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Honoraria hysteria

Re: “King’s Student Council Exec looks for a raise,” Oct. 8, 2003

To the Editor:
I think I’ll be speaking for a minority when I say I strongly support the move by the King’s University College Students’ Council to increase the honoraria received by its executive members. If I wasn’t personally acquainted with the amount of work every member of this body puts in, I might not be so positive about this initiative, but this is hardly the reason why I think this is a good idea.

It is worth noting the level of commitment these positions require practically preclude any holder of the office from the possibility of a part-time job. As many a “starving student” will know, $1,250-2,000 is hardly a great deal of money with which to support oneself for the school year.

I don’t support this motion out of concern for the financial situation of the current members of the KUCSC executive, but rather out of concern for individuals who might run for office in the future. It is a fact many people who considered running for executive office last year chose not to do so based purely on financial considerations. Though the KUCSC executive is comprised of exceedingly capable and committed individuals, the fact remains many just-as-capable people literally could not run because they couldn’t afford to. This situation mirrors a major problem with politics today, where only the affluent are able to secure office.

I hope at Western we could aspire to a more just reality and I think giving this body a moderate raise might help.

Don Murphy
Scholar’s Electives II

Don't dis the Big O

To the Editor:
Normally I don’t pay much attention to the Celebrity Dartboard, but on Oct. 1 I was appalled to see the face of Oprah Winfrey. The comment about Oprah being a “rich bitch” was rude and unnecessary. Yes, she is a wealthy woman, but there was no need to add the profane language.

Oprah has helped many people overcome their problems, given lots of money to charitable organizations as well as to people less fortunate. I think whoever put Oprah on the Dartboard is just a hater!

Sarah Wilson
Psychology III



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