October 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 27  

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Hard knocks: the transition to university

What do Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe have in common? Besides their troubles with the law, it’s that they’ve both played rookies at one time during their unremarkable careers.

New film department celebrated, but still far from being official

Students appear to be getting mixed signals as to the progress of the creation of a new film department.

Sponsorship hubbub

Smoking tobacco companies have had deals to get cigarette girls to sell cigarettes to students at university campuses in Alberta.

CBS News anchor likes news

London-born CBS News anchor and correspondent Thalia Assuras returned to her alma mater yesterday to deliver a lecture entitled Television Network News — Under Siege.

Accountability and responsibility make Cassidy BOG-diggity

Julie Cassidy can think of nothing more important to do for Western than becoming the next undergraduate student representative on the Board of Governors.

New ideas, Jag'nab it

With experience, energy and enthusiasm, Jagjit “Jag” Saini believes he is the best candidate to be the next student representative on the Board of Governors.

A united right gives hope for future, maybe

From the Far Lane

News the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservatives have reached an agreement-in-principle to join forces probably doesn’t have the Liberals quaking in their royal boots yet, but for right-thinking voters a ray of hope has been beamed into what used to be a perpetually dark tunnel.

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