October 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 27  

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Jock Talk with rookie Randy McAuley

Alison Stolz/Gazette
RUN RANDY, EUN. Western running back Randy McAuley turned on the burners and ran for 285 yards in the Mustangs' 44-15 victory over York last Saturday.

The Gazette caught up with Purple Pipe winner Randy McAuley to discuss football and singing.

When did you start playing football and why did you stick with it?
I started playing when I was 10 or 11 with the London Minor Football League and then played for five years in high school. I guess I just stuck with it for the love of the game, for fun. You see a lot of action and speed.

What is the name of your band and some of its accomplishments?
The McAuley Boys -it's me and my three brothers. We mostly sing pop and R&B stuff. We've played all over the country and the world as a matter of fact, like singing the national anthem at a Major League Baseball game -I think it was the All-Star Game of 1997. Also, we sang at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. It's all pretty exciting!

Do you ever sing on the football field?
(laughing) So I've been told. [Singing] is just something my family does -everywhere. We are always humming. I think humming just takes away the nerves so I can concentrate better.

What is more difficult: singing in front of a huge audience or running through a defensive line?
I have been singing all my life, since I was 6, so it's become second nature to me, but even football now, I don't really get nervous that often. You only have a few seconds from the time the play is called and your number is yelled to the time you have to execute the play, so I don't really let nerves step in and take up any time.

What are your feelings about your past game against York and your personal success?
The team played very well, that's how I got the space and the ball. I just used the opportunity the team opened up for me. Overall, I think that we all just played a really good game.

-Alison Stolz




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