October 2, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 20  

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The dark underside of an American home

What ingredients are needed to cook up an all-American family?

To begin, it may be necessary to define the time period in question. Imagine the years 1962 to 1986, set in a 1955 Cadillac, parked on a back road in Maryland. The scene depicts an uncle and his niece sitting alone in his car, with the glare of the stars and moon on the tips of their fingers, as they slowly undress.

Friendz reunite for Love

Intimacy: it's the most essential part of any relationship. Knowing this, I think it's safe to say Matt Murphy and I have a very close, intimate rapport.

Stiller and Barrymore bomb in Duplex

Danny DeVito cranks out another one. Duplex is rated PG-13, but it might as well be G-rated; the barf jokes and physical comedy make the film seem almost cartoony.

24 hours of 24


Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the DVD revolution has been television producers. Whereas DVDs only exacerbated the film-buying market, TV networks suddenly had a new cash cow on their hands. Consumers would eagerly buy a season's worth of episodes of their favourite shows, both cult hits (Family Guy) and shows perpetually in rerun form (Friends).


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