October 2, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 20  

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Forget kindergarten - sharing is wrong

One of the things we're taught in kindergarten is the importance of sharing. We learn to share our feelings, our snacks and even our toys.

However, the times for sharing are a-changin' and sharing certain things - namely computer files - is not only considered wrong, it is now deemed highly illegal and could result in hefty fines.

Music 2 legit 2 quit

Don't be discouraged by the Recording Industry Association of America. For those of us with morals (me not included), here are some legal online destinations filled with music to stream and/or download:

Music industry strikes back

Downloading music files off the Internet has become an increasingly large phenomenon around the globe. Obviously, the music industry has not taken well to mass quantities of people obtaining music for free and over the course of the past few years have attempted to curb the downloading craze.


Fighting music piracy with cute kitten love

As the problem of music piracy spreads, the Recording Industry Association of America and the Canadian Recording Industry Association have been presented with the challenge of combating these ruthless thieves of music using any and all methods at their disposal.




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