October 2, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 20  

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Finkelstein a hypocrite

To the Editor:

If The Gazette purports to publish an objective publication, you've failed terribly as of late. Your coverage of Norman Finkelstein's visit to campus was almost as slanted and revisionist as his views were. Your argument of "academic freedom" hardly holds up when it comes to someone who uses his status as an academic simply to add false credibility to his unsubstantiated and extremist views.

The purest irony is in his claim Jewish people have used the Holocaust to milk the rest of the world for money and power, when he has based his entire career on accomplishing the same goal! He has made no contribution to the ultimate goal of achieving peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict; rather, he makes his living on encouraging those that have proven to be violent in the first place. I wonder how he would have responded had he received a welcome like Benjamin Netanyahu's at Concordia University in Montreal last year.

The only way, it seems, he can attempt to satisfy his audience, is by skewing facts beyond recognition, leaving out minute details like wars and suicide attacks. And the only way he can face opposition, as he demonstrated at his speech, is by responding to reasonable questions with patronizing and emotive responses he spits out with no factual accompaniment.

"Academics" like Finkelstein should not be allowed to step foot into a fine institution such as this one. The Gazette should do its job as a newspaper and reveal him for what he truly is: a hate monger.

Adam Fisch
Psychology II


No laughing matter

To the Editor:

I am appalled at the audacity of The Gazette to print a cartoon so sarcastic and satirical of a very real anti-Semitic sentiment. On the very same page, an editorial column (which ironically denounced closed-mindedness) discussed the value of impressionables who "claim no prior involvement [on a controversial issue] and attend lectures [like Finkelstein's] seeking what university is supposed to offer them: education."

According to this logic, The Gazette is "educating" its readers that all those who use the term "anti-Semite" are "Rage-a-Holics," entirely undermining the plight of Jews who battle intolerance everywhere. I feel the comic's message is totally unedifying and only serves to piss people off.

To the editors, how could you be so careless? As a Jew and as a Zionist, I freely acknowledge the Israeli government is not immune to criticism. I also believe the Palestinian people in Israel deserve a better quality of life. That said, I felt after attending Finkelstein's lecture, he is little more than a yes-man for pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli pundits. His few genuine reflections on Palestinian human rights and politics were obscured by his lop-sided rhetoric.

The fact Finkelstein is Jewish holds little credence with me regarding his opinions and I do not applaud what many are calling his "objectivity" on the Arab-Israeli conflict. I prefer those on both sides of the debate who engage in intelligent and productive discussions on delicate but crucial issues. As a final statement, I strongly ask for an apology from The Gazette for printing the inflammatory cartoon and encourage the editors to consider all such implications of future Gazette material.

Ari Shortt
Biochemistry IV


Cup crazy

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Samson's Sluggers ball hockey team, we would like to thank everyone involved in Saturday's O.C. Cup. This inaugural 16-team tournament was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and was made even better because all the money raised went to charity.

We would just like to express our thanks to all of the organizers and ball chasers' who helped to make the day run smoothly and made sure everyone had a good time. We will definitely be back next year to defend our title.

"Who loves the Cup? We love the Cup! C-Upper!"

Tyler Palombella
Samson's Sluggers
Science I


Reboot PC

To the Editor:

If any lesson can be learned from the past eight years, it's that a strong education system cannot be sustained without a strong economy.

Upon becoming finance minister in 1995, Ernie Eves faced a province literally on the verge of bankruptcy. The government was losing $1 million per hour more than it was taking in.

It would have been easy for Eves, in cleaning up that mess, to ignore universities. His actions, however, show this government has made students its top priority.

The Tories' investment of $2.6 billion into post-secondary education is the largest spending increase since the 1960s. Part of that investment went into building the first new medical school in 30 years. What a tremendous accomplishmen.

Dalton McGuinty wants us to forget all that.

Before you vote, ask yourself what this province might look like if Eves had not let people keep more of their own money, leading to the creation of over a million new jobs and record investment in education.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Stephen Yantzi
Political Science II




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