October 2, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 20  

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Wild hotel orgy causes international tensions

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

What happens when you set up 400 pleasure seeking tourists in a swanky Chinese hotel along the Pearl River and add 500 fast girls?

You get a whole lotta orgy lovin'.

According to a recent article in The Daily Telegraph, a party of 400 Japanese tourists at a five-star hotel turned into a wild orgy when the hotel administration provided the horny tourists with 500 Chinese prostitutes to sex up the party.

"Prostitution is illegal in China," asserted a spokesperson at the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the spokesperson, the Chinese government pointed out the severity and illegality of the incident to the Japanese government and said the Japanese should consider educating their citizens to abide by China's laws.

The Japanese government expressed regret over the sex-fest as well as the frolicking with the prostitutes and also expressed hope the orgy would not sour relations between the two countries, the Chinese spokesperson said.

"We don't support sex tourism," said Tom Penney, vice president of the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Penney pointed out the magnitude and overt nature of the group sex binge brought government attention to the mass fling, adding the fact it was Chinese citizens who were being abused also angered the Chinese government.

"They've tried to curtail these activities," Penney explained, citing China's laws against prostitution and the new anti-prostitution laws in East Asia, which have attempted to halt the prosperous sex trade in the region.

Penney advised those hoping to travel to the Far East for an illegal sex romp would also run into problems because international conventions have charged people for buying prostitutes in other countries. He gave the example of a French man who took advantage of a few minors in Thailand and was charged after he returned home to France.

"That'd be pretty cool if hotels here did that, it's just about every guy's fantasy - you'd have to lie to say it wasn't [your fantasy]," said third-year geography student Mark Russell.

"Doesn't an orgy also involve persons of the opposite sex but also people of the same sex taking part in obscene promiscuous sexual acts?" pointed out second-year English and writing student Gandhi Pinder.

"They're confusing and I don't like them on Tuesdays," said Gazette news editor Kora Latsirdakis (who refused to leave her real name).




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