October 21 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 28   

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A Massacre of the '73 classic

The Texas Chainsaw Massare is one colossal piece of shit. This generic rehash only wishes it were a mere retread of its inspiration, the 1973 indie classic.

The Jury is in: Runaway victorious

On the topic of the jury system, it has been said only a fool would trust their fate to 12 people who weren?t smart enough to get their way out of jury duty. In Runaway Jury, however, the question is not how to get off the jury, but rather, how to be smart enough to get on it.

Many DJs, few fans

Electronic music lovers of London, where are you? Last Thursday night at The Wave, an event that could have been very special took place.

The Lover's Tongue: A Merry Romp Through the Language of Love and Sex

Mark Morton delves into the study of language, but not just any language - sexual language. And isn't that the best kind?

Oh yeah, Dionisus!

According to the band's bio, "Dionisus want to do one thing: hold a special spot of their own in the depths of your cold blackened heart." Pretty hefty goal, but can the band live up to it?

All you can eat

Under The Volcano is no Taco Bell. Yes, it’s a Mexican-themed restaurant, but rather than the latter greasy fast-food joint, Volcano is large, well decorated and modestly priced.




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